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Alumni Success

Alumni Success

Scholars are equipped with Pride, Success and Honor to ensure that they not only matriculate into the best high schools; but ultimately our goal is to ensure they are prepared academically, socially and emotionally to achieve success as they make it to and through college.


Alumni share their stories.

Chris Cruz
Class of 2016

Chris spent his 2018 summer at Indiana University gaining not only a college experience, but putting into action his Rowe Elementary core values of Pride, Success and Honor. Chris enrolled in Photojournalism class, earning college credit while learning quite a bit about the SLR camera. In addition, this early College exposure allowed him to learn more about himself, University living and overall gaining even more clarity towards his goal of enrolling in a top university to pursue his dreams. Chris is currently a Junior at Noble Street College Prep and is lookng forward to acing his SATs this year to pursue a career in engineering. 

Cece Delgado 
Class of 2016

This summer I attended a college program for civil and environmental engineering at Syracuse University. At first it was nerve wreckimg because it’s the longest I have been away from home alone; however, Rowe prepared me for being away from my family through House In The Woods, which sent me to Wisconsin for a week. I did everything independently, but the friends I made there made it the experience all worthwhile. I had 3 hours classes, went to see solar panels and wind turbines, and even got to sit on one. It was a lot of new learning and hardwork, but it was also fun. I am going to be an engineer. Will I be a mechanical, chemical, civil, environmental, computer, or electrical engineering? I am still figuring that out as I find myself. Rowe opened up my mind to all the options that I have. My math and science teacher Ms. Vandervoort inspired me to pursue a career as an engineer. Alongside her, all my teachers, from my reading class to my drama class, from my first day at Rowe encouraged me to have confidence in myself.As I continue towards my goals and growing as a person, I will always show pride, success, and honor.

A few things we’re great at

In the words of our scholars…


Jones College Prep
Class of 2017

“What I learned from Rowe was to be prepared for many of the difficulties that come with growing up. I learned how to cope with the stress of dealing with both school and outside problems. I’ve become an overachiever, and am prepared for high school, college, and getting a career. I thank Rowe for supporting me.”


Chicago Agricultural
Class of 2017

“Rowe has been an amazing experience for me; the community and the mindset we are put in when we come to school is amazing. I’ve had a lot of obstacles to overcome here, especially with my behavior. I have grown a lot and matured.”


Class of 2017

“Rowe has taught me how to be a better leader and how to be a role model. I thank our teachers, and deans, in particular, for an amazing year together. Everyone has grown closer to each other, and became the memorable, cherishing, graduating class of 2025.”