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Our Principal

A letter from Mr. Sutton
Dear Parents, Friends and Supporters,

It is a tremendous privilege to welcome you all to the 2018-2019 school year!

I cannot adequately put into words how excited I am for this school year. This summer has been filled with meaningful learning for my leadership team and I as we prepare to lead Rowe to our best year yet.

At Rowe, college success is the ultimate outcome for every scholar, that means the work scholars are doing every single day must reflect that, and we must all embrace the productive struggle that comes with that.

Through my 3 years as principal at Rowe, I’ve learned and grown so much as a person, as an educator, and as a leader. There have been so many wonderful moments that have affirmed what an honor it is to call Rowe home, and there have been moments that have challenged me to get better. I embrace both experiences with the same growth mindset: learn from it and get better.

My promise to you all is that we will continue to learn and continue to get better. I look forward to seeing you all soon.



Mr. Tony Sutton Jr.

Born in Chicago, IL, Mr. Sutton has worked in the education field since his graduation from Hampton University in 2005.

After completing his commitment to Teach for America in Charlotte, NC, he spent time recruiting talent for Teach for America in the mid-Atlantic region. Mr. Sutton moved to Washington, D.C. where he continued his impact in the education sector as a Dean of School Culture at Potomac Lighthouse Public Charter School. Utilizing his experience in school culture, Mr. Sutton transitioned to DC Prep as a Founding Assistant Principal and Dean of Student Support.

In 2015, Mr. Sutton joined the Rowe Elementary School family. Excited not only because he had the opportunity to come back with his wonderful wife and two daughters, he was thrilled to  continued to pursue his passion for education and creating a long lasting impact for children and families. He graduated three 8th grade classes thus far and looks forward to the many more  scholars that will have a lasting impct through their journey at Rowe.  

Through his leadership, Rowe Elementary continues to close the achievement gap as scholars become college ready and alumni success stories continue to spread throughout the city and country at high performing high schools such as Latin School of Chicago, St. Andrews. Choate Rosemary Hall, Jones, Payton, Lane Tech, Whitney Young, ChiArts, Noble Network campuses, and many other IB, Magnet, and Honor programs. Our Rowe alumni are definitely on the path to and through college.